Mission statement

To mobilize Christians to Oppose civil tyranny through the proclamation, implementation, and defense of Christ's perfect law of liberty (James 1:25)

Featured Book:

Justifying Revolution

A P.L.I. designated must read, this book takes the reader through a detailed and comprehensive overview of the biblical authenticity of Christian arguments present during the pre-revolutionary period. The author, Gary Stewards, produces concrete evidence that the American clergy's argumentation was rooted in a, at the time, long standing tradition of biblical civil resistance known as Protestant Resistance Theory (or Theology), and not that of secular enlightenment thinking from persons such as John Locke. Though many Christians and clergy were indeed influenced by such secular thinking, the evidence which Gary Steward provides shows that the bulk of clergy, on both the American and British sides, relied on their own biblical theological traditions to argue for the justice in physically resisting the civil tyrannies of the British. Many readers will likely be surprised to read names and statements from clergy such as Johnathan Edwards, George Whitfield, and John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who were all rigorously committed theologians, and who supported the right of resistance against civil authorities.

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