1. Create educational programs on biblical law & justice which appeal to wide audiences

2. Raise up Christian government officials through educational programs and direct contribution/ support.

3. Propose, advocate, and lead campaigns for "Christian sponsored" statism, including amendments and modifications to the American Constitution which strengthen it to enforce the core values and original intents from proper biblical perspective.

4. Produce position papers, statements, and audio/ video commentaries on high profile and biblically important legal cases and rulings in the United States.

5. Create a Corporate Recognition program which highlights companies that adhere to values consistent with Bible and/or the American Constitution

6. Create an advocacy program for evangelizing corporations with anti-biblical & treasonous values

7. Create a list of corporations to be actively boycotted by PLI, its followers, and neighbors who can be convinced to participate

8. Create a "Liberty Kids" program focused on K-12 educational material for instruction on biblical concepts of liberty & justice

9. Create a "Liberty Tour" program focused on giving truly under privileged families tastes of privilege through visits to theme parks, etc., so as to inspire them towards God and attaining greater liberty

10. Form strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions to advance causes and secure financial stability

11. Propose, advocate, and lead campaigns to the issuance and adoption of a federal digital currency / ledger, and to fight for a return to a commodity backed currency system

12. Lead a para-church ministry focused on amassing church leaders and congregant members for alignment on PLI tenants of liberty, justice, and social action. The ministry will be called the Black Robe Ministry (BRM)

13. Host feature publications, interviews, and debates with associated partners, corporations, and academics

14. Create and run a Christian Libertarian party

15. Organize and facilitate Christian migrations into municipalities where they can govern with Christian theonomic principles.

PLI's Tenets

  1. God’s law is liberty (James 1:25), not equity
  2. The only place “equity” is rightly used as a qualifier is for application of justice
  3. Justice is defined accordingly to Leviticus 19:15 as the impartial application of God’s law to man
  4. Government is instituted under Christ as a guardian of civil liberty
  5. A central role of just government is to display the wrath and judgement of God on creation for our sins

Principle "i's"

Not only is one of the best paths to success imitating those who have already found it, but imitation is also a command of Christ given to us through His Apostles (Ephesians 5:1-2). In thought, word, and deed, PLI seeks to imitate the character of the Lord Jesus who reigns supreme and with perfect justice over His kingdom of liberty. By imitating Christ through the help of the Spirit, PLI and its followers will accomplish their mission through the character of Christ which shines a bright light to a world in present darkness.

Zeal and fervency for Christ and His kingdom of liberty must be fought for; the world is filled with temptations to cowardice, apathy, hopelessness, materialism, and the like. The saints and our neighbors need to be constantly pointed to the work of Christ through the cross, the freedom from sin He afforded to us in it, and the resultant kingdom of liberty we are called to help usher in. As with any army, it is necessary to powerfully proclaim truth and purpose so as to charge up the spirits of the soldiers to fight for victory; PLI and its followers will constantly seek to inspire both itself and outsiders towards our duties to fight for liberty to achieve the victory that is promised.

The fastest way to condemn future generations to tyranny, poverty, and apostasy is to fail to instruct them (Proverbs 1:7-8, 4:13, 22:6, Ecclesiastes 7:19, 9:18, 2 Timothy 3:15, Romans 10:14). As exemplified by rampant beliefs in Western and international churches of pietism, antinomianism, perversion of biblical “justice” with “social justice”, healthcare & housing as “human rights”, and welfare statism, proper biblical understanding and instruction has been lost on many within the Christian sphere. The only way to deter such tyranny over, and perversion of, God given rights is to remain utterly committed to the education training of saints and their neighbors with respect to proper biblical fundamentals of truth and reasoning; PLI and its followers will accomplish their mission through such commitment.

A common trap and failure of man is to be well-intentioned, well-meaning, and idealistic, but never following through and fighting to make any of the visions a reality. It is not enough to think and theorize, we must act. A common but very apt quote captures these dangers well: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” … we will not be such men! “Good men” (saints) doing nothing in the face of evil is a sin of omission; to omit our duty to push back against the present darkness and resist evil, especially that of corrupt, tyrannical government, is great sin to our neighbors. PLI and its followers will use a process of goal setting, prioritizing, assessment, and augmentation, as well as guided mentorship and a plurality of leadership, to make sure actionable steps are being taken to accomplish our mission.

Yes, the ‘s’ is very significant in PLI’s “I’s”; none of PLI’s goals will be accomplished without sacrifice. Sacrifice may come in the form of time, finances, foregone career pursuits, foregone relationships, foregone inheritances, and possibly even the ultimate sacrifice of our lives. When the horrors and realities of government tyranny in the absence of civil installments of God’s kingdom are deeply understood and comprehended, such sacrifices become more obviously necessary and readily made. They must be made to secure life, liberty, and biblical justice for future generations, and ultimately for the fulfillment of the great commission and ushering in of God’s kingdom. Though originally made lowercase for nomenclature appearance, a lowercase ‘s’ also may serve to constantly remind us that such sacrifices are not being made for personal glory, but for the cause of Christ and His kingdom; truly, when the cause is rightly understood in heart, and the costs of attaining it are comprehended, little room is left to consider personal glory.