Why ...

the Perfect Law Institute?

The Perfect Law Institute (P.L.I.) is a Christian Educational & Evangelistic institute focused on returning christianity and civil society to proper biblical principles of law for civil government & Politics.

As the years of 2019-2022 have made glaringly apparent through the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the resultant response of governments across the globe, and the resultant social and civil unrest, especially in the West, societies globally currently face severely serious threats of societal destabilization, financial collapse, and formidable forces of tyranny from civil leaders. Worst of all, the one institution which God has purposed throughout history to be His agent of reconciliation and redemption in the World, His Church, is in many ways in more disarray and theological error than it has been for centuries. This is of alarming concern, because the Church is the institution and jurisdiction of liberty through which God’s spiritual revelation of the Word is to be proclaimed and displayed; it is the one institution which is to make disciples and grow them into the maturity required to govern in all jurisdictions of liberty ( Church, Family, Civil Government, & Conscience ).

When God’s institution of the Church is in disarray and theologic error, all other societal institutions and jurisdictions of governance suffer and falter, because it is through the Church and its proclamation of the Gospel, its discipling of the nations, and its ushering in of God’s Kingdom built on biblical liberty, and therefore biblical justice, (James 1:25) that a nation is blessed and a functioning and prosperous society is built. God has revealed to us in His scriptures the biblical laws and wisdom required to govern in all areas of life, and when the Church errors in teaching on any of these subjects, it by definition results in both saints and their neighbors careening down paths of falsehood in action and in duty; if what is taught is not in accordance with sound doctrine and revealed in scripture, then the result is a propagation of a false reality in which saints try to live, which has direct impact on their neighbors and how their lives are lived as well. 

This disarray and error has been building for centuries now, especially in the West, and is a mix of both ages old theological errors, such as the theory of “passive resistance” to authorities and flavors of the “divine right of kings”, amongst many others, as well as newer errors like escapist eschatology, anti-biblical doctrines of ethnic guilt rooted in secular social theories like Critical Race Theory, and ultimately a nearly complete loss of  understanding of the meaning of Christ’s second greatest commandment, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself”, which is actually a quotation of Old Testament scripture that many modern Christians, and most lamentably, pastors, are unable to cite. By the definition of human’s moral nature, all of these theological errors result in failure and deficiency in biblical character of God’s saints, which cascades into all jurisdictions of liberty; the result is a Church Body, especially its evangelists and bible teachers, that have receded from the civil sphere in action and character. It results in saints who have abdicated themselves from witnessing to, and biblically participating in, their local civil and political spheres, which throws the doors of the civil spheres wide open to government by false religion, idolators, and the judicial relativism of “social justice.”

For various reasons, many Christians, especially Christian leaders, have been mislead into the notion that they have no responsibility to bring the Gospel and God’s perfect law of liberty (James 1:25) to the civil magistrates governing in the civil sphere; though nearly all congregations have missions programs for reaching inner cities, the underprivileged, and foreign nations, few, if any, have any missions programs for reaching their local school boards, local city councils, their mayors, or higher level magistrates at the state and federal level. 

Whatever the reason for this neglect (and there is a long list of possible answers, including the simple sin of cowardice), the simple reality is that the Bible obligates civil rulers to govern according to God’s laws (Romans 13:3, 1 Timothy 1:8-11). Christ has not only sent His Church, especially its teachers and evangelists (2 Timothy 4:5, Ephesians 4:11), to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20), and to therefore inform civil rulers of Christ’s authority over them (Romans 13:1,4) and their obligation to govern accordingly, but also for Christians themselves to civilly rule and govern. Since it is only saints who are regenerate by the Spirit of God, and only they can know a true love of biblical justice and mercy, it is only possible for the fulness of such Kingdom values to be instantiated in civil governments, as Christ has commanded that they be (Romans 13:3-4), when saints themselves govern, rule, and judge biblically.

Christ is a King Priest, as described through comparison to Melchizedek in Hebrews 7, which carries the implication of being both a civil and spiritual leader; saints likewise are tasked with being both a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) and civil enforcers of biblical justice for their neighbors, as defined according to being “doers” of God’s perfect law of liberty (James 1:25), an obligation to see governments raised which govern according to God’s laws (Romans 13:3-4), and the very essence of the meaning of the 2nd Greatest Commandment, “love they neighbor as thy self”, as sourced from its Old Testament citation in Leviticus 19:9-18. All of these charges of God for His saints are for the purpose of growing and maturing His saints into the capacity to literally judge and rule over angles once Heaven is brought fully to earth (1 Corinthians 6:3); such saints are those who truly understand, live in, and apply the “weightier matters” of the law, of “justice, mercy, and faithfulness”, referenced by Christ in Matthew 23:23 when speaking to the pharisees. With such passages and commands of scripture in view, Christians are undoubtedly tasked with bringing Christian values of civil government into the cvil spheres where we have been placed, and many have been unfortunately and grievously misguided by Pastors and bible teachers into doctrines which instead cause them to recede and flee the civil spheres; or, in some of the worst cases, to literally take anti-biblical values of “social justice” to both the church and secular sphere in mass, as Tim Keller has done, by which he also fully corrupted the Gospel message in the process.

Though many Christians may find the assertions made in the prior words difficult, troublesome, or erroneous, when we look to the scriptures we see that such things are in fact exactly what Christ told His 12 disciples they would do for Him; stating that they would be “dragged before governors and kings” for His sake (Matthew 10:18), to “bear witness” to such civil magistrates about Christ’s Kingship, His authority, His perfect law of liberty, their present sinfulness, and their need to repent and worship Christ as King; all things which accord with the sound doctrine of the Gospel of the Kingdom. To them, the Gospel wasn’t just a spiritual only need; it was a radical, all-in life changing commitment which carries with it obligations for radical change in all jurisdictions of life, including civil and political spheres. To them, “Christ is King” was as political of a statement as you could make it, as it should be for us.

Christ’s disciples had to be dragged before such civil magistrates because of the cultural and civil hostilities with which they were presented by God’s providential placement of them in history; what a true shame it is that modern Christians living in countries like America, where free speech is legally protected, have abdicated themselves of speaking into the civil sphere where they can do so willingly without harm, and with protection against being dragged there by persecutors; at least for now.

It is through strong, mature disciples who know their duty and who have been properly trained in God’s Word, His law of liberty, and biblical prescriptions for jurisprudence, that the worldly-kingdom toppling power of the Gospel can be projected across a nation through its civil and political structures, as Christ had His disciples do, and as ought to rightly be done;  these are the types of saints that the Perfect Law Institute endeavors to train and send out into the world; such is the core motivation behind the founding of the Perfect Law Institute, and the reason why it will function primarily as an educational and evangelistic institution for mobilizing Christians back into the civil and political sphere.

Current Goals

  1. Produce position papers, statements, and audio/ video commentaries on high profile and biblically important doctrinal controversies, legal cases, judicial rulings, and political topics

  2. Create educational programs for biblical jurisprudence, penology, and doctrinal theology

    • Transition the P.L.I. into a degree-issuing theological institution of higher education focused on preparing students to be Christian civil magistrates and community leaders, and preparing clergy to be biblically involved in the civil political sphere

    • Create a “Liberty Kids” program focused on K-12 educational material for instruction on biblical concepts of liberty & justice

    • Create a “Liberty Tour” program focused on giving truly under privileged families tastes of privilege through visits to theme parks, etc., so as to inspire them towards God and attaining greater liberty

  3. Organize and facilitate Christian political reform in strategic municipalities where Christians stand a chance and defending a government based on biblical penology, jurisprudence, and civics.

    •  Raise up Christian government officials through educational programs, campaign support, and direct contributions

    • Organize and facilitate Christian migration into states and municipalities that are favorable for cultivating Christian political reform

  4. Create a Corporate Recognition program which highlights companies that adhere to values consistent with Bible and/or the American Constitution

  5. Form strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions to advance causes and secure financial stability

Principle "i's"


Not only is one of the best paths to success imitating those who have already found it, but imitation is also a command of Christ given to us through His Apostles (Ephesians 5:1-2). In thought, word, and deed, PLI seeks to imitate the character of the Lord Jesus who reigns supreme and with perfect justice over His kingdom of liberty. By imitating Christ through the help of the Spirit, PLI and its followers will accomplish their mission through the character of Christ which shines a bright light to a world in present darkness.


Zeal and fervency for Christ and His kingdom of liberty must be fought for; the world is filled with temptations to cowardice, apathy, hopelessness, materialism, and the like. The saints and our neighbors need to be constantly pointed to the work of Christ through the cross, the freedom from sin He afforded to us in it, and the resultant kingdom of liberty we are called to help usher in. As with any army, it is necessary to powerfully proclaim truth and purpose so as to charge up the spirits of the soldiers to fight for victory; PLI and its followers will constantly seek to inspire both itself and outsiders towards our duties to fight for liberty to achieve the victory that is promised.


The fastest way to condemn future generations to tyranny, poverty, and apostasy is to fail to instruct them (Proverbs 1:7-8, 4:13, 22:6, Ecclesiastes 7:19, 9:18, 2 Timothy 3:15, Romans 10:14). As exemplified by rampant beliefs in Western and international churches of pietism, antinomianism, perversion of biblical “justice” with “social justice”, healthcare & housing as “human rights”, and welfare statism, proper biblical understanding and instruction has been lost on many within the Christian sphere. The only way to deter such tyranny over, and perversion of, God given rights is to remain utterly committed to the education training of saints and their neighbors with respect to proper biblical fundamentals of truth and reasoning; PLI and its followers will accomplish their mission through such commitment.


A common trap and failure of man is to be well-intentioned, well-meaning, and idealistic, but never following through and fighting to make any of the visions a reality. It is not enough to think and theorize, we must act. A common but very apt quote captures these dangers well: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” … we will not be such men! “Good men” (saints) doing nothing in the face of evil is a sin of omission; to omit our duty to push back against the present darkness and resist evil, especially that of corrupt, tyrannical government, is great sin to our neighbors. PLI and its followers will use a process of goal setting, prioritizing, assessment, and augmentation, as well as guided mentorship and a plurality of leadership, to make sure actionable steps are being taken to accomplish our mission.


Yes, the ‘s’ is very significant in PLI’s “I’s”; none of PLI’s goals will be accomplished without sacrifice. Sacrifice may come in the form of time, finances, foregone career pursuits, foregone relationships, foregone inheritances, and possibly even the ultimate sacrifice of our lives. When the horrors and realities of government tyranny in the absence of civil installments of God’s kingdom are deeply understood and comprehended, such sacrifices become more obviously necessary and readily made. They must be made to secure life, liberty, and biblical justice for future generations, and ultimately for the fulfillment of the great commission and ushering in of God’s kingdom. Though originally made lowercase for nomenclature appearance, a lowercase ‘s’ also may serve to constantly remind us that such sacrifices are not being made for personal glory, but for the cause of Christ and His kingdom; truly, when the cause is rightly understood in heart, and the costs of attaining it are comprehended, little room is left to consider personal glory.