Mission Statement

The mission of the Perfect Law Institute is to oppose government tyranny through the proclamation, implementation, and defense of God's perfect law of liberty (James 1:25).

The PLI seeks to accomplish its mission through pursuit of its goals with adherence to its guiding tenets and fundamental principles of operation, known as PLI's i's, all of which can be found on the "Info" page.

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Articles by PLI

Between Two Halves

Click the button below to download the publication! Click here to jump to a “Too Long; Didn’t Read” (TLDR) section, which is a short description of the conclusions of the publication for those not interested in reading it in entirety. Download Full Publication TLDR The thesis of the publication is centered around revealing the historical

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Evaluating Eschatology: Fight to Lose?

What do Marxism, climate change theory, and secular humanism all have in common? They each have a well-developed eschatology; according to their ideals, they each have a robust vision for how history is unfolding and what it is moving towards. They understand the present through their view of the future, which provides meaning, obligation, and

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Local Government: Refuge & Resistance – Presented at TEA, Lorain, OH

Document Download “Click” to Download Presentation PDF America’s federal government, and many State and local governments, currently can only be described as criminal governments that are facilitating anarchy, insurrection, and overthrow of the Supreme Law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, and the biblical moral code on which it was based and designed to uphold.

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