Local Government: Refuge & Resistance – Presented at TEA, Lorain, OH

America’s federal government, and many State and local governments, currently can only be described as criminal governments that are facilitating anarchy, insurrection, and overthrow of the Supreme Law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, and the biblical moral code on which it was based and designed to uphold. Such statements draw much debate, ire, and contention from many U.S. citizens, and, most grievously, amongst many within the Christian religion. The fact of the matter is, documented history proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that the U.S. Constitution was written to protect the States in “prescribing religious exercise” and to “assume authority in religious discipline” (quotes from Thomas Jefferson; see the above PDF download for source), and that the Christian religion, with its definition of “liberty”, is at the heart of the “liberty” listed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (at detailed by Sir William Blackstone in the “Commentaries on the Laws of England; see the above PDF download for citations).

“… the people of this commonwealth have a right to invest their legislature with power to authorize and require, and the legislature shall, from time to time, authorize and require, the several towns, parishes, precincts, and other bodies-politic or religious societies to make suitable provision, at their own expense, for the institution of the public worship of God and for the support and maintenance of public Protestant teachers of piety, religion, and morality in all cases where such provision shall not be made voluntarily.” – Constitution of Massachusetts, 1780

On June 10th, 2023, I (Richard) was given the undeserved opportunity to speak on the importance of local government at the civil action group Totally Engaged Americans (TEA) in Lorain, Ohio; I felt compelled that the only way I could successfully do this was to present a small catalog of detailed information regarding this Christian origin to the United States. By doing so, we are able to see how America’s government began with absolute intention to establish and protect a form of government that functioned justly according to the commission of Romans 13, and which prioritized protection against tyranny and despotism via thoughtfully structured systems of the erected institutions. Contrasted against this origin, we are able to see how modern America is displayed as a truly criminal and illegitimate government in operation (so far as the Bible is concerned).

The American government can truly now only be described as a massive leviathan (a historical term used to describe governments that have become destructive to their ends; i.e. Slaying Leviathan, etc.). There is a glaring need for this beast of evil, criminal usurpation of the Constitution and God’s divine laws to be slain, but the question remains: who will do it? From stolen elections, to legislatures, judiciaries, executive leaders, and law enforcement agencies that are not just tolerating, but actively seeking the use of the law to protect biblically criminal activity, it seems no one is left that can, or will, take action against the lawlessness. However, both the Bible, and the Constitution, directly prescribe one a final line of defense against criminality in government when all other institutions have failed: a repentant “We The People”.

Enter, said repentant remnant:

Tactical CivicsTM is a civil action group that advertises itself as a “full spectrum” solution to the current civil issues of criminal government that we now face in America, carried out by a “repentant remnant” of Christ followers and those who will join them on their terms. Having been on my own war path with the Lord in search of similar understanding and solutions, and having read much of the Tactical CivicsTM material that David M. Zuniga, the founder of the group, has written, I can say confidently that I believe Tactical CivicsTM does have THE solution for We The People to again exercise the sovereignty that the Supreme Law of or land, the Constitution, says that we have over it. I can truly say that, if their provided solutions fail, then I believe that secession/ revolution will be the final and only remedy to restoring Romans 13 government in our land; thankfully, at this time, I don’t believe we’ll have to do that now that Tactical CivicsTM has begun to proliferate with the Constitutional solutions it puts forth.

Prior to discovering Tactical CivicsTM, I had also long been studying and accumulating my own store of knowledge and resources on America’s Christian origins (see also this book excerpt), theological justifications of the American Revolution, and related topics, in order to prepare a plan of action for regaining local civil government for Christendom. With all this material and more in hand, I was on the cusp of beginning my own personal engagement with the government leaders in my local municipality, when providence brought collision between my efforts and those of Tactical CivicsTM; being partnered with a group of well organized, like minded individuals is exactly what is necessary for local community to be retaken for Christendom, and Tactical CivicsTM is the group we’ve been searching for. This is why I felt that I had to present it in my presentation as the solution that many Americans, and especially politically active Christian Americans, have been looking for. To quote Kirsten, the leader of TEA, after I was done giving my speech: “I’ve been serving in local government for 12 years, searching for the solution to our problems, and this might be the silver bullet I’ve been looking for!”. 

“To control the Supreme Court we must first law claim to the Constitution ourselves. That means publicly repudiating justices who say that they, not we, possess ultimate authority to say what the Constitution means…It means refusing to be deflected by arguments that constitutional law is too complex or difficult for ordinary citizens…the Supreme Court is not the highest authority in the land on constitutional law. We are” – Larry D. Kramer, former dean of Stanford Law School

Getting into the meat and potatoes of Tactical CivicTM is outside the scope of this publication, but, the essence of the group’s solutions is contained in my presentation that’s available for download at the top of the page (beginning at slide 41); including several quotes from its founder David, as well as others from sourced material he has presented. David did an interview with a group called “Patriots Base” on Rumble in which he did an excellent job explaining Tactical CivicsTM, which can be found linked below (jump to ~9:30 in the video where they start talking to David). In addition, the group presents the following three books by David as the flagship books for understanding the group and the solutions they’re advocating for:

(DON’T RUN when you read the “M” word! Have enough humility and charity to give the explanations a chance!)

The Great We-SetTM

Grand Jury Awake

Time to Start Over, America: Introducing American Militia 2.0™- Restoring Our Founding Fathers’ Law Enforcement, Riot & Border Control, and Social Glue 

If your interest has been at all peaked to know more about this group and the solutions they present, definitely purchase a copy of these books. For a quick introduction to the group, here are some words from David from two of his books: The Great We-SetTM & Grand Jury Awake:

“I believe that … Tactical CivicsTM [is] just a collection of normal, everyday Americans whom God is inspiring to stand up, crawl out of the shadows of faithless gloom, wash ourselves in His Word, and repent of our faithlessness and abdication by doing the chores. … ‘repentance is an action word’ … In town or in the country, all of us have chores just by virtue of being blessed to be born in this Republic … No other people on earth have this authority, or this duty ”

– David M. Zuniga, Grand Jury Awake, Pg. 1

“Tactical CivicsTM, a repentant way of life on four pillars: Jesus Christ, the Constitution, Grand Jury, and Militia

– David M. Zuniga, The Great We-SetTM, Pg. 1

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