Redeem The Rainbow T-Shirt


It’s time Christian’s resist the devil and stand firm for the Kingdom; the rainbow colors biblically represent God’s covenant with man (Genesis 9:13-17), and are the very colors that decorate His throne in Heaven (Revelation 4:7). How sinfully appropriate that prideful man would make an idol of himself and set up his own throne using God’s own colors for His; nothing more clearly speaks to the depravity of man and our sinful desire to “be like God” than this very present reality.

Stand firm for Christ’s Kingdom and help redeem the meaning of the rainbow in our neighbors minds by wearing this shirt!

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The Bible says “… resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7); for too long in the west, Christians have been giving up ground to the devil with shallow, “tolerant” grace that requires neither repentance nor identity change in the Lord. We are stationed on Earth to declare the coming of the Kingdom, we pray “Thy Kingdom come Thy Will, be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven,” and yet we stand by in silence as our neighbors prance around under a banner of rainbow colors, the very same color grouping that was given by God as a sign of His covenant with us (Genesis 9:13-17), and which decorate His throne in Heaven (Revelation 4:7). God’s Kingdom is the only one with rightful claim to the rainbow as a sign of biblical, covenantal love and the divine kingship of or Lord as He sits on His throne; homosexuals can become children of God and welcomed into His kingdom through repentance and belief in Jesus as their Lord and savior, but this requires an identity change that forsakes their fleshly self and denies the world, a world which currently is stationing itself against God on their own, self-made thrones with His colors. Christians, including those who formerly identify as homosexual, need to stand firm in representing the Kingdom to this world, which includes defending the colors which reflect it and proclaiming the truth behind them to all who blaspheme them. According to God’s law, their should be civil punishment for homosexuality in a society, and look how far the Christian church as drifted from this reality; if we are ever going to reclaim civil authority for the kingdom, it has to start in the streets with public displays and proclamation of basic truths.


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