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Against the Divine right of kings

By Chris Carter

In this blog post, Chris Carter, a friend and soon-to-be contributor to P.L.I., provides perhaps the best overview of Protestant Resistance Theology (or Theory) (PRT) that the P.L.I. has ever read. From the "Divine Right Theory" to the "Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates" and Luther's "Beerwolf" theory, Chris covers all of it and more; instead of laboring arduously to read books like "Lex Rex" or "Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos" to understand PRT, a read or two of Carter's article will prepare the reader with an understanding of PRT that is more than sufficient to mobilize them into zeal for Christianity in the civil sphere.

Biblical authority and the negative concept of law

(A 5 Part Series)

By Andrew reasnor

In this 5 part series (please be sure to read all 5 parts, linked at the bottom of part 1!), Reasnor provides an excellent overview of fundamental concepts of biblical law. In the series, the reader will learn about concepts of negative & positive law, biblical jurisdictions of law, and covenant duty (or guilt). As a note of caution, Reasnor and the sites which he has contributed to (including Gary Demar's "The American Vision"), are distinctly theonomic and Presbyterian, while the P.L.I. is distinctly Reformed Baptist, meaning there are foundational differences between Reasnor's understandings of biblical covenants and application of law. However, a great many of the concepts presented in this particular series are sound and important in understanding God's perfect law of liberty.

Recommended 3rd party videos

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Three Choices - Pastor Cary Gordon

During the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, Pastor Cary Gordon began to surface as a pastor who not only understands, but also displays, biblical character of leadership in the realm of civics and politics. His example of being a "doer" of liberty (James 1:25), both in the pulpit and in the public political sphere, is one that a great number of pastors need to take a lesson from. P.L.I. puts this sermon from him forward with the strongest of recommendation; though preached in response to Iowa's attempt to legalize homosexual marriage, the points he makes are exceedingly relevant to many contexts of our modern civil turmoil, and the sermon style should be to Christian pastors an example of the biblical political rhetoric that their pulpits ought to be filled with. Truly, it is because pastors have abdicated themselves of educating their more-than-capable flocks with such biblical political theory that many congregations, especially in the West, have become shallow cesspools for liberalism and equity based social class theory.

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Romans 13 & The Shutdown

In this video, contributors to the CrossPolitic podcast show interview Pastor Cary Gordon over his church's response to the government mandates to shutdown during the Covid-19 outbreak. Pastor Cary Gordon again displays exemplary knowledge and a testimony of his character which is steeped in a biblical passion for defending civil liberty, all in accordance with the Gospel of Christ. The P.L.I. again puts him forward as an example to all Christians, especially Church leaders, for how the Church ought to have responded to the government's attempted shutdown of churches, let alone any private business.

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The pathology of Equity, Diversity, & inclusivity

In this video, Dr. Jordan Peterson highlights the pathological issues behind the modern advancement of the immoral social values of "diversity, equity, and inclusivity"; aptly pointing out at the very end that there is actually a "genocidal" pathology to such values, as our human history of dictators committing mass murder on the basis of ethnicity shows us. Though Dr. Peterson is not yet a Christian, and is truthfully peddling erroneous social psychology interpretations of scripture, his intellectual and philosophical insights into the modern recycling of such immoral values are still greatly beneficial for everyone to understand and be able to present in rational argument.



A must watch for every American citizen, especially Christians who have dismissed claims of a loss of integrity in America's 2020 election.

In 2000 Mules, Dinesh D'Souza and members from True the Vote, a Texas based organization which works to stop voter fraud, present incontrovertible evidence that illegal ballot harvesting campaigns were used by democrat controlled charity organizations to criminally swing the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden. Any citizen, regardless of their political persuasion, of any country which adheres to the biblical principles of government by the consent of the governed, is duty bound to be concerned and engaged in the civil processes through which their voice is heard and counted. Unfortunately, such moral expectations for our civil systems have been glaringly jettisoned by a significant number of individuals who are willing to commit large-scale criminal acts to ensure their candidate is elected against the popular vote and will of the people. Worse than this, a great many alleged Christians are unwilling to even see the data or consider the possibility that the 2020 election was indeed illegitimate and stolen; this reality is of severe concern from a spiritual perspective, because it means many within the Church are choosing willful blindness to the alarming encroachments of civil tyranny against their neighbors, which is a violation of the 2nd greatest commandment as stated by Christ, and as spelled out in Leviticus 19:9-18. For the purpose of spurring urgency to Christian action in our modern civil spheres, the P.L.I. asks all who have not yet seen 2000 Mules to arrange for a viewing, and to grab family members, friends, and neighbors and bring them along as well.


By Kirk Cameron

A documentary highly recommended by the P.L.I. in which Kirk Cameron traces the Puritan roots of America, and leads the viewer to a largely forgotten monument in Plymouth, MA which contains the Puritan blueprint for building a nation rooted in God.

Building On the american heritage series

By David Barton

In this series, historian David Barton presents immensely compelling historical facts in the form of quotes, books, and writings which undoubtedly display the Christian origins of the United States of America. Anyone who has doubts about the Christian origins of America should humbly listen to what Barton presents.