The Lie of “Systemic Evil”, An Appeal to “Christian Duty”

Many in the Church are are wrestling with, seeking to understand, or fully supporting the cries of "systemic racism" over recent deaths of black Americans resulting from white police officer's actions.

It is currently the argument of many, outside and inside the Church, that theses deaths are the result of "systemic racism"; that is, they would say that there are issues inherent in the systems and institutions that governor with authority in the U.S.A that are biased against, marginalize, or result in unjust action against minority people.

The New York Times best selling Pastor, Tim Keller, delivered a message to an audience approximately two years ago, at the time of this post, that was captured and posted on YouTube, titled "Racism and Corporate Evil: A White Guy’s Perspective – Tim Keller". In it he argues that "systemic evil", "corporate responsibility" or "corporate evil" exist, are biblically defined, and that as a result Christians are obligated by their own guilt, association, and participation in such evil to fight against it.

In the downloadable publication linked above, I endeavor to show how the primary conclusion that Mr. Keller reaches, the same one that is driving the mob mentality and current destruction of American institutions, is in fact biblically false and unsupported.

I dedicated a significant portion of the publication to examining the following claim made by Mr. Keller, directly quoted from the video:

“You are responsible and you are condemned for what your ancestors Adam and Eve did. That is just by virtue of being in the entire human race you are responsible for things that you didn’t individually do. You are condemned for what they did.” - Tim Keller, 7:40 mins

It is upon this conclusion, which he premises on passages in Joshua 7, Daniel 9, and Romans 5 (the doctrine of "federal headship"), that he derives several other conclusions and implications that I labor to show are misguided and false.

Mr. Keller's preaching has been instrumental in my faith, and I in no way seek to tear down, defame, or declare falsehoods against him. I have great respect for him and the work he has done for the Kingdom, though I believe this message and any associated rhetoric will not stand in the fires of judgement that his works must be tested through ( 1 Corinthians 3:12-15). Since his message is publicly available and fueling what I would submit to you is false understanding and false pursuits of justice by many within the Church, I felt it necessary to publicly deconstruct his teaching and encourage what I submit is the proper and biblical line of thought regarding matters of "duty" and "covenant responsibility".

I hope to walk in all humility as I bring forth this work; I desire that the Lord correct me and expose error in my ways so that I might better serve Him, the Church, and my neighbors. If in reading my publication you discern yourself that it is true to the Word, I pray and ask that you help spread and counteract such falsehood as it is passed through the Church body. We do have a duty to God and our neighbors to love in Spirit and truth, and to be the salt and light of the world, so we must speak up and push back against dangerous falsehood that feeds worldliness within the Church.

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